How to Manage Annoying iTunes Replicates?

No matter how much we hate it, duplicate songs always finds their way into our iTunes music library. Surely you know how frustrating that could be. Maybe it’s because when we’re ...

How To Do Salsa Dance – Basic Steps for Men and Women

  Salsa is one of the most popular forms of dance as it involves elements of fiery liveliness and sensuality making it a thoroughly enjoyable dance form. Though it might seem ...

How To Write a Song

  There is song in all of us which we would like to share and express it to others. Nothing communicates at such a deep level than a genuine heart felt song. Though writing a song ...

How To Learn Dance

  Dancing is an art and not something could learn with books.  Dance could be anything as long as people can move their self.  In a life of a human being, they learn to dance ...

How To Be A Good Singer

  Many people feel discouraged to learn how to sing. True, anyone can sing but not everyone can become good singers. Learning how to become a good singer should be fun and should ...

How To Play Guitar

  The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments today. It is not reserved to orchestras like most brass instruments are. Acoustic or electric, it is a must in most ...
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